Disaster Relief Program

The Disaster Relief Fund provides financial support and services to employees of the Division of State Police and their families when faced with major damage to or loss of their home, a tragic injury or illness, or a line-of-duty or off-duty death under tragic circumstances.  Your contributions and those of Division members via a payroll deduction program help subsidize this valuable program.

Major Equipment Acquisitions-Firearms Training Simulator

Each day, Troopers are faced with complex situations requiring the possible use of deadly force.  In these situations, split-second shoot/don’t shoot decisions must be made under stress.  With specialized technology like the Firearms Training Simulator, the Trooper Foundation has helped the Division of State Police ensure that all Troopers are effectively trained with the most realistic scenarios involving shoot/don’t shoot decisions.  This and other vital technologies in police training are made possible through the Foundation’s Major Equipment Acquisitions Program.  Past projects include:

  • the First Responder First Aid Case Project
  • the MiniMaglite Project
  • the Academy Fitness Equipment Project
  • the Electronic Total Workstation Project
  • Tasers
  • the Drone Program

Special Projects

The NYS Trooper Foundation supports many “special projects” addressing equipment needs of a particular Troop, station, or unit of the New York State Police.  Equipment needs include:

  • Computers
  • portable radios
  • tint meters
  • DWI enforcement technology
  • specialized tools like airboats and laser speed guns.

The Special Projects Program is made possible through financial contributions from the private sector.